Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Third

Number 2 and I did make one promise that we swore we would never break. We could never tell Number 3 about what we've done. So after everything was all said and done between Number 2 and I, she told me she intended on keeping that promise for the sake of Number 3. I said I would do the same. I fucking lied. Number 2 was bitter towards me so she cut me out of her life. She did the same for Number 3. So only having each other, Number 3 and I grew closer.

Less than a month after Number 2, I told Number 3 everything. She cried. Number 3 was angry at both of us, but she forgave me. Knowing what Number 3 was thinking, I started to flirt with her. After losing my virginity I was more confident than ever. Number 3 was feeling spiteful. She wanted to get back at Number 2 so she flirted back with me.

"This would make Number 2 jealous!" Number 3 thought. See what I mean? Dumb as a rock. After flirting for only a week, Number 3 and I started getting down to business. At that point she hasn't had sex in over a year, she was a tough stallion to break. We spent a whole week only kissing. Even though shes dumb, pussy is pussy and I wanted it. One day I told her, "After all this, if we don't fuck, I will ruin your life." Obviously I was joking, but I had already 'ruined' her life two times before so she took it as truth.

The next day we were laying in bed, watching The Office(best fucking show ever), and after the credits rolled we started fooling around. This time, we went all the way. Right before we started, she asked me something that I'll never forget. "Can I keep my shirt on?" What the fuck? I said yes because I wanted to get it in, but I was very thrown off by that. Sex lasted twenty minutes. I doubt she came, I didn't care. Honest opinion: Most boring sex of my life. But Number 3 was so tight. It never happened again. We rarely even kissed after that. She realized what my intentions were and her demeanor towards me changed.

Weeks later, Number 3 was seeing someone else. They started dating, "It's official, (Insert Boyfriend's Name) and I are together." That was the lamest shit I've ever heard. We still talked, Number 3 and I, but we argued a lot. One day, I insulted her place of employment and she snapped. She said, and I fucking quote "I would have never had sex with you, if you didn't blackmail me!" (Best Day Ever)

Number 3 was referring to when I made the joke about ruining her life if we didn't have sex. She was claiming she didn't want it, she just did it to save herself from my wrath. Dumb as a rock. I don't know anyone who could possibly use their brain so frivolously like that except her. Needless to say, we didn't talk for a while.


  1. aha bro alot of girls are retarded. "if we don't fuck, i will ruin your life" ahaha. girls are a strange breed, saying shit like that could stick with them forever. the same with if they said something like "your dick is small...just kidding" the only reason i see you as being an asshole is because you have no commitment haha

  2. they always use the small dick insult. if i was offended every time a bitch insulted me, i would have killed myself.