Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Interlude

For the next year, I took a break from girls. I was looking around, but finding no one worth my time. I spent a whole year on 'brotime' and just relaxed. It wasn't bad. After only eight or nine times, sex still wasn't a major factor in my life. Some of my friends found their own romantic interests and some scooped up girls as well. This is how I met Number 4.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Third

Number 2 and I did make one promise that we swore we would never break. We could never tell Number 3 about what we've done. So after everything was all said and done between Number 2 and I, she told me she intended on keeping that promise for the sake of Number 3. I said I would do the same. I fucking lied. Number 2 was bitter towards me so she cut me out of her life. She did the same for Number 3. So only having each other, Number 3 and I grew closer.

Less than a month after Number 2, I told Number 3 everything. She cried. Number 3 was angry at both of us, but she forgave me. Knowing what Number 3 was thinking, I started to flirt with her. After losing my virginity I was more confident than ever. Number 3 was feeling spiteful. She wanted to get back at Number 2 so she flirted back with me.

"This would make Number 2 jealous!" Number 3 thought. See what I mean? Dumb as a rock. After flirting for only a week, Number 3 and I started getting down to business. At that point she hasn't had sex in over a year, she was a tough stallion to break. We spent a whole week only kissing. Even though shes dumb, pussy is pussy and I wanted it. One day I told her, "After all this, if we don't fuck, I will ruin your life." Obviously I was joking, but I had already 'ruined' her life two times before so she took it as truth.

The next day we were laying in bed, watching The Office(best fucking show ever), and after the credits rolled we started fooling around. This time, we went all the way. Right before we started, she asked me something that I'll never forget. "Can I keep my shirt on?" What the fuck? I said yes because I wanted to get it in, but I was very thrown off by that. Sex lasted twenty minutes. I doubt she came, I didn't care. Honest opinion: Most boring sex of my life. But Number 3 was so tight. It never happened again. We rarely even kissed after that. She realized what my intentions were and her demeanor towards me changed.

Weeks later, Number 3 was seeing someone else. They started dating, "It's official, (Insert Boyfriend's Name) and I are together." That was the lamest shit I've ever heard. We still talked, Number 3 and I, but we argued a lot. One day, I insulted her place of employment and she snapped. She said, and I fucking quote "I would have never had sex with you, if you didn't blackmail me!" (Best Day Ever)

Number 3 was referring to when I made the joke about ruining her life if we didn't have sex. She was claiming she didn't want it, she just did it to save herself from my wrath. Dumb as a rock. I don't know anyone who could possibly use their brain so frivolously like that except her. Needless to say, we didn't talk for a while.

The Second and The Third

Number 3 was the girl who didn't deserve my wrath. My current thoughts of her: Dumb as a rock. So by this point I had already known Number 3 for five years. We we're best friend during the first year of high school, but during the summer she found a boyfriend and cut me out. So that summer, I did everything I could to upset her. I would repost her cellphone number all over the internet and write it on various bathroom walls. I even threw out the verbal insults, my favorite of which was "muffin top".

So five years later we became friends again and this time it was 3 of us. Number 2, Number 3 and I. During the course of this three-way friendship Number 2 grew cold to Number 3 and I and cut us out. This happened twice in less than a year. When Number 2 came back for the second time, everything was fine, but something was different.

There was this new found sexual interest in each other we had, and we began to flirt, behind Number 3's back. Number 2 and I thought on similar wavelengths making us much more compatible. One day, Number 2 proposed an idea that blew my mind. "Fuck Buddies". I was still a virgin, but I knew what that was. So later that night we saw a movie with Number 3 but went our separate ways after the movie. Thirty minutes later, Number 2 and I were tongue deep in each other's mouths.

Just like in the films, one thing lead to another and I got my first blowjob. Honest opinion: The worst head of my life. She kept it too dry but I didn't know any better, she was my first. Five more minutes later we were naked and I was going at it. The first fifteen minutes were great. The next forty-five we're tiring, boring, and sweaty. After it ended, I stayed the night in the smallest bed I have ever shared with another person.

So everyday for the the next week, I was getting, for lack of a better word, pussy. It was fucking awesome. I finally felt like a 'man' and I loved it. The best time was sneaking into our friends house and fucking in his mothers bed. Then when he got home, he invited us and other friends to the same house we just fucked in. All of this behind Number 3's back, our other 'best friend'. But I still grew tired of sex with her within less than two weeks, I couldn't handle her waning to cuddle after every attempt. I had no feelings for her, yet she developed feelings for me.

So during the second week, Number 2 confessed to me. With nothing to lose, I told her that I could never date her. Her personality was too up and down, constantly dropping her friends and crawling back to them in one month. So I literally passed her on to one of my co-workers and he handled my business. She was hurt and proceeded to talk shit about me, but I didn't care.

What happened next, was where I realized what I might be capable of.

The Second and The First

Number 2 was the closest female friend I've ever had. My current thoughts of her: FUCK THAT BITCH. If I have to have an enemy, it would be Number 2. She is as evil as I am. So after Number 1, I had my first experience with social functions. Being under the influence was cool, but It was only a distraction from Number 1 and how I fucked up. I had actually previously had a crush on Number 2 and she was even my first kiss a year prior. But this time, things would be different and I wasn't aware yet. So Number 2 and I began hanging out often. Often, meaning everyday. Best friends was an understatement, but those were the limits. She had a boyfriend at the time so I never had the thoughts.

So I distanced myself from my current friends and we were attached by the hip. Life droned on and I caught wind that Number 1 became single again. I thought the time would come and I would be able to avenge myself. So I talked to her and we talked about what happened. She apologized for what her ex-boyfriend said and she admitted to being controlled by him. So I forgave her instantly.

Right away, Number 1 showed affection towards me and things were looking up. Right at the beginning of summer, we started dating. It was a big barrier for me, finally making a move on a girl. It was honestly my first girlfriend so I was as altruistic as possibly, trying to make it work. Love struck and young, we confessed "love" for each other during the first week. Very pathetic, but it was all I knew. Two months passed and Number 1 and I have had only two or three minor hiccups in our relationship. One Sunday morning, she called it off. She wouldn't call me or see me face to face because "it already hurt bad enough". It sucked but for some reason, I wasn't crushed.

Number 2 never left my life but without Number 1, she was all I had and we became close again.

The First

Number 1 was a sweet girl. My current thoughts of her: Wanting a second chance. She is still the only one who I can still bear thought of. I found her incredibly attractive and I set my phasers to stun. This wasn't the first crush I've had, but it was the first one I acted on. I made my moves hoping thing would work out, but I never took a big leap. I would talk to her as often as possible and soon she was the only girl on my mind. One day she told me of how she liked a boy. I won't forget the day. I was laying in bed while the television was droning in the background, and she told me there was a boy who caught her interest. My heart dropped. I was practically in love with the girl and she's into someone else. I asked who and she wouldn't say. A slight idea sparked in my head and a beacon of hope took over me and I asked her. "Is it me?"

She quickly replied with a negative and I was crushed all over again. Well already losing interest in her, I was curious and I began to prod her for the answer. Finally she gave in and told me she lied. I knew exactly what she meant but in fear of jumping the gun, I played possum. She said kept indicating that I actually knew what her meaning was and I kept replying as if I was oblivious while my heart was racing. She finally gave in and she confessed she liked me. By this point my mind was racing and I didn't know how to react. I wasn't ready for a girlfriend so I dug for an excuse contrary to my feelings toward her. She was already seeing someone else, so I played that hand. I told her I didn't want her to leave another person for me, even though she complained to be unhappy with her current relationship. After apologizing for twenty minutes, I sealed the deal for the worse.

Number 1 misinterpreted my answer as rejection and our short time left as friends was awkward. Just days later I was contacted by her current boyfriend. He warned me to "stay the fuck away from her" and proceeded to use foul language, notifying me of my own inconsiderate behaviors. I was pretty livid due to the fact that I made the honest decision. He didn't understand that it wasn't I who actually made the lunge. So I sent him record of the conversations showing him exactly how it played out. He then apologized and made a request. He asked me to stop all contact with her. Regrettably, I told him yes.

At this point I don't seem like an asshole. There's an explanation for that, "The Road to Hell Was Paved With Good Intentions". So at that point it was done. I was forbidden from talking to her anymore and it did hurt. They stayed together and I remained miserable. Life began to change for me, so the distractions kept me busy.

The Introduction

As you are probably guessing, I'm not the most pleasant person in the world. I have more 'haters' than friends, but I've brought it upon myself. The blog name says it all. But at one point, I was a fairly nice guy. I can't say it was one specific event that changed me forever. I'm not Spider-Man and life isn't that black and white. What I can say is that it was all due to women. To protect their public image which they revere so highly, small details will be changed. Also, I'll number the women in the order they changed my life.