Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Second and The First

Number 2 was the closest female friend I've ever had. My current thoughts of her: FUCK THAT BITCH. If I have to have an enemy, it would be Number 2. She is as evil as I am. So after Number 1, I had my first experience with social functions. Being under the influence was cool, but It was only a distraction from Number 1 and how I fucked up. I had actually previously had a crush on Number 2 and she was even my first kiss a year prior. But this time, things would be different and I wasn't aware yet. So Number 2 and I began hanging out often. Often, meaning everyday. Best friends was an understatement, but those were the limits. She had a boyfriend at the time so I never had the thoughts.

So I distanced myself from my current friends and we were attached by the hip. Life droned on and I caught wind that Number 1 became single again. I thought the time would come and I would be able to avenge myself. So I talked to her and we talked about what happened. She apologized for what her ex-boyfriend said and she admitted to being controlled by him. So I forgave her instantly.

Right away, Number 1 showed affection towards me and things were looking up. Right at the beginning of summer, we started dating. It was a big barrier for me, finally making a move on a girl. It was honestly my first girlfriend so I was as altruistic as possibly, trying to make it work. Love struck and young, we confessed "love" for each other during the first week. Very pathetic, but it was all I knew. Two months passed and Number 1 and I have had only two or three minor hiccups in our relationship. One Sunday morning, she called it off. She wouldn't call me or see me face to face because "it already hurt bad enough". It sucked but for some reason, I wasn't crushed.

Number 2 never left my life but without Number 1, she was all I had and we became close again.

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