Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Second and The Third

Number 3 was the girl who didn't deserve my wrath. My current thoughts of her: Dumb as a rock. So by this point I had already known Number 3 for five years. We we're best friend during the first year of high school, but during the summer she found a boyfriend and cut me out. So that summer, I did everything I could to upset her. I would repost her cellphone number all over the internet and write it on various bathroom walls. I even threw out the verbal insults, my favorite of which was "muffin top".

So five years later we became friends again and this time it was 3 of us. Number 2, Number 3 and I. During the course of this three-way friendship Number 2 grew cold to Number 3 and I and cut us out. This happened twice in less than a year. When Number 2 came back for the second time, everything was fine, but something was different.

There was this new found sexual interest in each other we had, and we began to flirt, behind Number 3's back. Number 2 and I thought on similar wavelengths making us much more compatible. One day, Number 2 proposed an idea that blew my mind. "Fuck Buddies". I was still a virgin, but I knew what that was. So later that night we saw a movie with Number 3 but went our separate ways after the movie. Thirty minutes later, Number 2 and I were tongue deep in each other's mouths.

Just like in the films, one thing lead to another and I got my first blowjob. Honest opinion: The worst head of my life. She kept it too dry but I didn't know any better, she was my first. Five more minutes later we were naked and I was going at it. The first fifteen minutes were great. The next forty-five we're tiring, boring, and sweaty. After it ended, I stayed the night in the smallest bed I have ever shared with another person.

So everyday for the the next week, I was getting, for lack of a better word, pussy. It was fucking awesome. I finally felt like a 'man' and I loved it. The best time was sneaking into our friends house and fucking in his mothers bed. Then when he got home, he invited us and other friends to the same house we just fucked in. All of this behind Number 3's back, our other 'best friend'. But I still grew tired of sex with her within less than two weeks, I couldn't handle her waning to cuddle after every attempt. I had no feelings for her, yet she developed feelings for me.

So during the second week, Number 2 confessed to me. With nothing to lose, I told her that I could never date her. Her personality was too up and down, constantly dropping her friends and crawling back to them in one month. So I literally passed her on to one of my co-workers and he handled my business. She was hurt and proceeded to talk shit about me, but I didn't care.

What happened next, was where I realized what I might be capable of.

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